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Kahawa Festival!!

Kahawa Festival is an event organized with the aim of offering an opportunity to coffee lovers to together in celebrating coffee and recognize the millions of people across Tanzania – from farmers millers, exporters, roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more – who work hard to create and serve beverage that the global loves dearly.

The idea of organizing Kahawa Festival originated among the members of the Northern Zone Coffee Stakeholders during their preparation meetings for the commemoration of the International Coffee (ICD) that is celebrated every year on 1st October.
Kahawa Festival envisioned to be a National Coffee Event that will attract both local and international participations whereby direct and indirect actors in the coffee value chain will meet and build network exchange knowledge, learn on new technologies, acquire solutions to sectors challenges, competitions refreshing as well as meeting potential buyers and sellers while enjoying a cup of coffee with different t and flavors.

Next Kahawa Festival will take place on 1st – 3rd October 2021 – save the dates!

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Sponsors 2021

Highlights for Kahawa Festival 2020

Exhibitors 2020

Kahawa Festival 2020 had 40 exhibitors from inside and outside Tanzania across all sectors.

Visitors 2020

For the three days of the event there were about 800 individuals who visited the ground.

Competitions 2020

For the first time ever in Tanzania, Kahawa Festival fulfilled the thirst of so many by organizing a barista and Cupping competition.

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